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"Capstone provides direction and advocates for each student to achieve their goals and get organized. A freshman should enroll in Capstone to learn how important preparation is for college." 

-Catherine B.

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Capstone College and Career Advising exists to help students get into their college of choice. We take a unique, innovative, and personal approach to advising that helps students navigate through the career and college exploration, admissions, and financial aid processes.


Capstone College and Career Advising offers a wide range of educational services. The staff at Capstone has years of experience working with students and providing personalized feedback to help students understand the entire college application process.

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The new college admissions coalition: Is it really about access?

In the college admissions world, debate has sprung up about the best way to recruit students from low-income families. The Common Application, used by more than 600 schools, is a major player in the field. But a new coalition of prestigious schools is forming an alternative application. Here is a viewpoint about that coalition from Jon Boeckenstedt, associate vice president of enrollment management and marketing at DePaul University in Chicago. DePaul, the nation’s largest Catholic university, is not a member of the coalition but does use the Common App.

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